Let’s talk about the birds and the bees

It’s time to grow up — and buy a suit.

In life, you’re gonna need a good suit. Job interviews, best friend weddings; you name it, a suit will do. But getting fitted for a suit can be more awkward than a middle school break up.

Here’s the secret, it’s all about the trio: fit, quality, and style. And the suits at Black Lapel? They’re packing all three.


It’s the suit your closet has been waiting for

Cheap Suits makes it wicked easy to buy tailored suits online. They offer amazingly priced men’s suits from Canada.

Customize suits from your exact measurements, all the way down to the ticket pocket — yeah, that’s a thing.

And while we’re giving you our 2 cents, here’s a nugget of fashion wisdom: you need a navy blue suit. It’s the oldie, but goodie that you can wear in pretty much any context — and it’s the one suit every guy should own.

Always be the best dressed. Treat yourself (and your closet) to a Black Lapel suit — plus get $20 off your first suit with code SupportShirts.

When you look better, you feel better, you do better. ‘Nuff said

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